The EnCHiL Nordic Master Programme

Application deadline(s)

For students not already studying at the EnCHiL partner universities, the application deadline is February 28 to start the programme in the fall of the same year. Please note that the programme starts in the fall semester only.

For students already studying at the EnCHiL universities the application deadline is April 15 to start the programme in the fall of the same year.

Application procedure

There is joint admission for the Nordic Master in Environmental Changes at High Latitudes. All applications must be submitted through the EnCHiL online application portal and by sending some requested documents by post.

All applicants must include in their applications their CV, a motivation letter, transcripts of their bachelor diplomas, proof of their English language proficiency, and copy of their passport.
Please read the Application instructions before proceeding to the online application form

Incomplete applications will not be processed. Late applications are not accepted. The language of the application and supporting documents is English (though see below regarding transcripts).

Application instructions

Degree requirements

Students applying for the EnCHiL Nordic Master must at minimum have obtained a Bachelor’s degree corresponding to a minimum 180 ECTS credits from an internationally recognised university, including a minimum of 90 ECTS of studies in natural sciences and technology.
Students in their final year of their bachelor’s studies are eligible to apply, provided they complete their degree by the start of the EnCHiL programme.

Minimum average grade from a bachelor programme of at least equal to C on the ECTS grading scale (grades from other grade systems will be converted to this scale by the admission office).


Online application form

On the online application form, you will be required to provide the following details:

  • Personal information including a clear colour scan (PDF file) of the photo page of your passport. Please make sure that you provide a permanent email address.
    You should upload a curriculum vitae (CV) (see below how to format the file)
  • Select entry point preferences to start the EnCHiL programme
    Upload your Motivation letter – statement of purpose (see below how to format the file; see Application instructions for content)
  • Previous education: academic degrees awarded with names of institutions, dates and subject(s).
    Upload scanned transcripts of all academic record (see below how to format the file)

For all your uploads, please use PDF file format (.pdf), not word processing files (e.g. .doc, .docx, .odt .rtf files or similar). Please include your name in the file name along with a descriptive title, for example:


  • In addition to your personal contact information and educational history (some of which will overlap with the information you provide on the online application form), you should list your teaching experience, conference and other presentations and publications, employment history, honours and awards, as well as relevant extracurricular activities. For academic degrees completed, indicate your cumulative grade-point average (GPA); if you have not completed your degree, state your current grade-point average.
  • Your curriculum vitae (CV) should be uploaded and submitted as a PDF file, with your online application (see above). Please include your name in the file name along with a descriptive title, for example: Jane_Smith_CV.pdf


Entry point preferences

At least one semester’s mobility is an obligatory requirement for all EnCHiL students. Students that will start in Lund or Helsinki all come to Iceland in the 2nd semester, where the whole annual intake group is living together. Students that start in Iceland continue there for two semesters, but must go to either Lund or Helsinki in the 3rd semester.

In the application form, you will be asked to indicate if you would like to initiate your studies in Helsinki, in Lund or in Iceland, and in the case you start your studies in Iceland, if you foresee that you would like to go to Helsinki or Lund in the 3rd semester. 

As the whole program will have at maximum 20 available student places per year, or ca. 6-7 at each entry point, the EnCHiL organizers may offer a successful applicant to start at another entry point than he/she put down as the first preference, to ensure an equal geographical balance in the EnCHiL program. Something that is important for optimizing use of travel funding between universities.   

For the first study year (2020-2021) the following extra restrictions have to be put in place:

  1. All non-EU/EEA students who apply for the 2020-2021 must put AUI as their entry point. The reason is that the time required for getting student visa to Finland or Sweden will not allow non-EU/EEA students to start there with the late deadline we have for the EnCHiL Nordic Master now. This will only apply for the first year of the programme.
  2. All EnCHiL students who will be admitted with AUI as the entry point (1st year study place) will start their studies only registered at AUI, but will be co-registered at AUI:UH or AUI: LU as soon as the formal agreement between all seven EnCHiL university partners has been signed.


Motivation letter

You are required to submit a statement of your academic interests and future career goals. Your statement should not exceed 2,000 words and must be written in English. It is important to address all the points below in the order given:
Academic background
Describe the academic experience that now motivates you to pursue graduate studies on environmental issues in the high North. Explain in the following way how your academic background has prepared you for this graduate programme by
Listing the academic courses (with course codes and course names as they appear on your transcript) completed or in progress that have prepared you in particular and given you solid foundation for graduate work in this field.
Describing projects or papers or that you have completed or that you have read outside of class that you found particularly useful and rewarding.
Discussing any other activity or training that will prepare you for the EnCHiL programme.

Academic interests within EnCHiL Programme
Describe your main academic interests within the EnCHiL Programme. Which area(s) would you like to concentrate on in your course work and for your Master’s thesis. Note that you are expected to state and explain your current interests, but this is not binding in any way.

EnCHiL entry point and its 3rd and 4th semester
The first semester of EnCHiL takes place in one of the three core EnCHiL partner universities (Lund University, University of Helsinki and Agricultural University of Iceland); i.e. the EnCHiL programme has three entry points, LU, UH, AUI. In the second semester all students will be together at AUI in Iceland and Greenland, but during the 3rd and 4th semester they can either return to their entry point university, stay at AUI (except the students starting at AUI) or go to any associated EnCHiL partner institute for courses and thesis work.
Please indicate which entry point of the EnCHiL program you would prefer, if possible, and why? Also indicate where you could foresee you would like to spend your 3rd and 4th semesters (those who want to come to AUI as the entry point can select between LU or UH for 3rd semester). Please explain how your choice relates to your academic goals. Please note that you are expected to state and explain your preference, but this is not a binding decision.

Career goals
Briefly describe your future career goals. Why is doing a Nordic Master in Environmental Changes at Higher Latitudes important for your future goals?
Your Motivation letter —written in English and not exceeding 2,000 words—should be uploaded and submitted as a PDF file together with your online application (see above). Please include your name in the file name along with a descriptive title, for example: Jane_Smith_statement.pdf


You are required to submit official transcripts of academic record, officially certified copy of the diploma and diploma supplements (when available) bearing the seal of the institution and signature of the registrar or other appropriate official. These transcripts and diploma supplements should be in the original language and in English, as a certified English translation. Note that a translation cannot be submitted in lieu of the original records; the original records must be submitted as well.

Transcripts of academic record are to be submitted as follows:
A complete scanned version (clear and readable, colour or black and white) should be uploaded and submitted as a PDF file together with your online application (see above). Make sure to include the transcript legend (often found on the reverse page of the transcript). Please include your name in the file name along with a descriptive title, for example: Jane_Smith_transcripts.pdf
The official, original hard copy should be mailed directly to:
Agricultural University of Iceland
Kennsluskrifstofa – EnCHiL Admission Office
IS-311 Borgarnes

Application documents should not be sent to any other address at AUI or to any other EnCHiL consortium partner.

English Language Proficiency

The EnCHiL programme is taught in English, so if you are not a native English speaker you need to demonstrate proficiency in English by either taking a language test or submit information about previous studies in English. You need to upload proofs that you meet those requirements and those can be proven in three different ways:

What is considered adequate foreign English studies is specified per country and follows the entry rules of Lund University for international M.Sc. students. You can find those country-based language requirements on:

Please note that it is ONLY the language proficiency requirements we are using from Lund University web-page.

Non-native English speaking applicants can also demonstrate proficiency in English by means of an internationally recognised test, e.g. TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent (level 6).
TOEFL: Paper-based (PBT): Min score of 580 (written section grade 4.5) / Paper: (rPDT) Min score of 20 in each section (22 in written section) / Internet-based test (IBT): Min total score of 92 (written section 22)
IELTS: 6.5, no section lower than 5.5 (only IELTS Academic Training accepted).
PTE Aca-demic. Min of 62; where of 54 in communication skills section.

The language test must not be older than two years.

For all applicants, a university degree (or polytechnic/university of applied science degree) completed in English in one of the EU/EEA countries or Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland or the USA is also an acceptable way of demonstrating academic English language skills.

The degree must include a minimum of what is equal to 60 ECTS studies given in the English language.

Online studies or studies completed on offshore campuses outside the accepted countries cannot be used to indicate language skills, even if the degree-awarding institution is located in one of the accepted countries.

Online language studies or open university studies are not acceptable when indicating language skills.

For futher information, contact the EnCHiL application office (

Before you submit!

Carefully review your application and all supporting materials before submitting it. Make sure nothing is missing. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Electronic application form
Is your contact information correct?
Have you provided a permanent email address that will not expire in the foreseeable future?
Have all the required documents been uploaded with the application:- clear colour scan of the photo page of your passport- curriculum vitae (CV)- Motivation letter- scanned transcripts of academic record
Are all supporting files in PDF format?
Do all file names include your name and content description (Jane_Smith_transcripts.pdf, etc.)?

Curriculum vitae
Is your CV complete and up to date?
Does it include your GPA? (if applicable in your system)

Motivation letter
Does your statement of purpose address all the points described in the application requirements?

Transcripts of academic record
Have you verified that all scans are complete? Are you confident that no pages are missing?
Is the transcript legend included?
Are all scans clear and legible?

Have you made arrangements to have hard copies of the transcripts sent to EnCHiL Admission Office by your home institution?

 Note that incomplete applications will not be processed.

Questions and what then?

Enquiries should be directed to

  • Once the application has been submitted, the applicant will receive a mail from the EnCHiL admission office verifying that the application has been received
  • Applicants will be notified of their application results no later than six weeks after the set deadline.
  • Initial notification of admission will be sent by email to the email address given in the application. Please make sure we have your current email address. A formal letter of admission will follow.


In Iceland, all Icelandic and foreign university students at are required to pay annual registration fee of 85.000 ISK. In Finland all university students have to pay annual student union fee of 103 EUR. In both Finland and Sweden students from outside the EU/EEA area have to pay an annual tuition fee which can vary between 11.000 to 27.000 EUR depending on programme, university and country; but in Iceland no tuition fees are charged from international students.

Since all EnCHiL students will be jointly registered at UH:AUI or LU:AUI, the universities have reached the following agreement:

 EEA/EU students:

Annual fee consisting of ½ of the normal annual registration fee at AUI and the UH student union fee for those who have UH:AUI as joint registration (currently ≈ 300 EUR and ± 103 EUR)

 Non-EEA/EU students:

An annual flat-rate tuition fee of 9.000 EUR, which includes all the registration and student union fees.


Proceed to Application Portal

We are now open for applications

EnCHiL Nordic Master Programme

At the core of EnCHiL are universities and research institutions that have been successfully collaborating by offering individual online and field-based MSc and PhD courses in Iceland and Greenland over the past decade. The partners of the EnCHiL consortium have a long experience in process-based research and teaching.



Programme structure



Career prospects

Agricultural Univ of Iceland

Lund University 

University of Helsinki

The Programme is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers

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