University of Helsinki

University of Helsinki

If you have an interest in regional scale processes, and changes that happen in the atmosphere, the University of Helsinki offers excellent courses. You will gain a comprehensive overview of atmospheric processes. After your first semester at the University of Helsinki you will spend one semester in Iceland (AUI) and participate in Arctic field work. In the second year, you can come back to Helsinki, stay in Iceland or go to any of the EnCHiL associated partners.

If University of Helsinki is your entry point you will obtain a diploma from UH and AUI

Overview of EnCHiL programme structure with UH as the entry point

Below you can find a list of courses that you will take in the first year of the EnCHiL programme if your entry point is University of Helsinki. Courses in blue are common to the EnCHiL programme. Number of ECTS for each course is indicated in brackets. During the first year, students at UH can choose to take the courses offered in track 1 (for students with some background in atmospheric processes) or track 2. Courses during the second year will be chosen in consultation with the local academic coordinator.

Autumn 1

EnCHil program I: e- welcome (0)

ATM 301 Atmospheric and Earth Sciences today (5)

ATM308 Statistical tools for climate and atmospheric science (5) [distance learning]

ECGS031 Climate Change in the Arctic (5) [distance learning]

ATM302 Climate Now (2+3) [distance learning]

Track 1

ATM347 Boundary Layer Physics I (5)

ATM357 Atmospheric Radiation (5) 

Track 2

FOR228 Biogeochemical cycles and forest management interactions (5)

FOR218 Basics of biometeorology (3)

FYS2034 Basics of climatology (2)

Spring 1

08.31.03 Arctic forum (5)

08.32.01 EnCHiL forum (1)

07.06.03 Ethics and Philosophy of Science (6)

05.85.02 Communication, Knowledge and Extension (4)

UAU201F Environmental Governance (6)

08.33.01 Arctic Planning and Environmental Changes (2)

07.12.01 First thesis presentation (1)

215162U001 Sea Ice Ecology (5) – in Greenland

EnCHiL Nordic Master Programme

At the core of EnCHiL are universities and research institutions that have been successfully collaborating by offering individual online and field-based MSc and PhD courses in Iceland and Greenland over the past decade. The partners of the EnCHiL consortium have a long experience in process-based research and teaching.



Programme structure



Career prospects

Agricultural Univ of Iceland

Lund University 

University of Helsinki

The Programme is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers