Career prospects

Career prospects

Given the accelerated rate of changes in high latitude systems, there is an increasing need for experts with a multidisciplinary education in environmental issues. Their expertise is needed to monitor new scientific results, to interpret and translate scientific knowledge into effective policies to combat the effects of current and future global change on the environment and to contribute to the development of sustainable use and management of arctic ecosystems and resources.

With such a skillset, EnCHiL graduates will be essential for research and teaching in academia, as well as for positions in ministries and governmental environmental agencies, and national or international agencies working on planning, policy and sustainable resource management. As well, these experts are increasingly being sought after by the private sector, as for instance “green accounting” is becoming a widespread requirement for private companies.

When you finish the EnCHiL Nordic Master you will benefit from the combined competences, knowledge and facilities from some of the world’s leading technical universities in the field of Arctic research. You will also gain a holistic approach to environmental management in one of the most challenging regions of the world. Given the nature of the Nordic Master programme, all EnCHiL graduates will be prepared to work in teams of experts with different international backgrounds (education, values, language, culture, etc.).

Which degree will I get?

The EnCHiL Nordic Master programme is a double-degree programme. When you finish the EnCHiL programme you will receive a degree from the two main partner universities you have attended during your master’s programme: either the University of Helsinki and the Agricultural University of Iceland, or Lund University and the Agricultural University of Iceland.

You will receive a degree diploma with the progamme name: Nordic Master in Environmental Changes at High Latitudes, and the following double degree title:


Party Degree Title Qualification in English Degree Qualification Titles in national language
AUI M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences + program name M.S. í náttúru og umhverfisfræði. + program name in the national language
UH Master of Science + program name Filosofian maisteri + program name
LU Master of Science + program name Naturvetenskaplig master examen + program name

EnCHiL Nordic Master Programme

At the core of EnCHiL are universities and research institutions that have been successfully collaborating by offering individual online and field-based MSc and PhD courses in Iceland and Greenland over the past decade. The partners of the EnCHiL consortium have a long experience in process-based research and teaching.



Programme structure



Career prospects

Agricultural Univ of Iceland

Lund University 

University of Helsinki

The Programme is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers